Cement Fiberboard


  • Tenryu BP-18505 Board Pro 7-1/4" X 5T 5/8" KO Arbor

    TENRYU Board-Pro Plus Series is the best choice for long lasting performance when cutting Hardie Plank. Each Board-Pro Plus incorporates PCD (Poly-Crystalline Diamond) tips for longer life.
    $70.00 save 21%
  • Tenryu BP-18524 Board Pro 7-1/4" X 24T 5/8" KO Arbor

    Board Pro Series have select grade carbide tips for cutting Fiber Cement Board. Excellent for fast cuts, 102 sheet thickness.
    $30.00 save 20%
  • Tenryu PT-18540CB Power-Tool 7-1/4" X 40T 5/8" KO Arbor

    Great for trimming on single sheet
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    $40.00 save 22%